Custom illustrated portrait (style #1)

Why an illustrated family portrait?

Capture Your Unique Story:
A custom illustrated family portrait isn't just about faces; it's about telling your unique story. Every family has its quirks, inside jokes, and shared moments that make it special. A custom illustration allows you to capture these elements, turning a simple portrait into a visual narrative of your family's journey.

Preserve Cherished Memories:
Photographs are great, but a custom illustration adds an artistic touch to those cherished memories. It transforms moments into timeless pieces of art, creating a lasting tribute to the milestones, adventures, and everyday joys that define your family.

Express Your Personality:
Your family is one-of-a-kind, a custom illustrated portrait gives you the opportunity to showcase your family's personality and style. From clothing choices to setting preferences, the illustration is tailored to reflect your unique vibe.

Meaningful Personalized Gifts:
Looking for a gift that truly stands out? A custom family portrait is a heartfelt and unique present for special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift, the thoughtfulness behind a custom illustration adds an extra layer of sentiment.

Decorate Your Space with Love:
Custom family portraits aren't just for mantelpieces; they're for turning your living space into a gallery of love. Use the illustration to decorate your home, creating a warm and personalized ambiance that celebrates the bonds within your family.

Include Everyone, Including Pets:
Custom illustrations aren't limited to humans. Including beloved pets in the portrait adds an extra layer of charm and completeness. Capture the entire family, fur members included, in a heartwarming and inclusive illustration.

Bring Joy and Smiles:
A custom family portrait is all about bringing joy and smiles. It's a daily reminder of the love, laughter, and togetherness that define your family. Displaying it prominently in your home is like adding a touch of happiness to your everyday life.

In essence, a custom illustrated family portrait is more than just a drawing; it's a celebration of your family's identity, a vessel for cherished memories, and a beautiful piece of art that brings joy and warmth to your home.

So, would you like to give a special present to your family or friends? Some warm and unforgettable gift? What's about the illustrated portraits? 🙂 They fit perfectly for any event and always are very heartwarming and cute. I've already drawn more than 300 custom portraits in that style for so many different occasions! There were weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, holiday cards, big and small family portraits. I've drawn custom illustrations for different reasons people asked me, or without any reason at all but always with love.

How to order the portrait


One person - $60
Additional person on the same portrait - $30 per each
Pet - $10 per each
Simple background - $10


To make an order, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Or e-mail me at [email protected] with photos you'd like me to use as a basis for the illustration. Preferably full body, front view. Usually, it takes me about one week since you place the order to complete the portrait. But the time can vary, depending on the time of the year. Having received your order request, I will let you know the exact time frame.

How to pay

I take payments after the first draft approval. After the first draft is approved, I send you payment info (you can pay via Pay Pal or a card). After I receive the payment, I add the required changes and finalize the portrait. Please note that I don't do refunds for custom portraits

What you get in result

I provide the high-resolution, ready-to-print digital file (.png, .jpeg, etc). I don't do the printing, but I'll be happy to recommend you a great service you can use to print the picture.

Thank you for your time! I'm looking forward to seeing your requests in my email box 

With love,