About Me

Hi there!

I'm Natalia - illustrator and digital artwork creator, who you will love to work with!

I've started my illustrator's journey in 2010. When I took my first steps in this direction, it was just my hobby, but the more I drew more I felt - it is what I want to do every day, to do professionally. So I did. It took a long way to learn, to decide on my style, and to find my first clients.
I chose Adobe Illustrator to be my main instrument because it allows creating resizable illustrations (without losing high quality), it makes them perfectly suitable for any need. And I was right. At the moment, my clients use the illustrations I've drawn for them for all kinds of different purposes like websites, apps, e-books, paper books, prints for home decor, stickers, avatars in social media, graphic materials for blogs, and many others.

So why will you love working with me?
I always carefully listen to my clients' needs, explore the information they provide, stick to the task, and do everything for my clients to be happy with the result. I always start with the drafts, and you can add any changes in the process. I work fast and am open to ideas, always happy to try something new and challenging.
I hope this information gave you some portrait of who I am, and we will meet soon to work on your fascinating projects!