Coloring Sheets

Custom Illustrated Coloring Sheets: A Perfect Addition to Big Family Events and Children's Parties

Personalized Entertainment:
Custom illustrated coloring sheets add a personalized touch to your event. Featuring illustrations that reflect the theme of the party or specific interests of the children, these sheets create a unique and memorable experience for each attendee.

Engaging and Creative Activity:
Coloring is a timeless and beloved activity for children. Custom illustrations not only capture their attention but also encourage creativity as they bring the designs to life with their favorite colors. It's an engaging way for kids to express themselves and have fun.

Keepsake for Guests:
Guests can take their finished coloring sheets home as a special keepsake from the event. These personalized mementos serve as a reminder of the fun they had and the unique experience shared at your family gathering or party.

Stress-Free Planning:
Organizing a big family event or children's party involves numerous details. Custom coloring sheets offer a stress-free entertainment option that requires minimal supervision. Once distributed, children can enjoy the activity independently, allowing the host to focus on other aspects of the event.

Versatile Party Favor:
In addition to serving as an activity during the event, custom coloring sheets double as versatile party favors. As children take their personalized creations home, the coloring sheets become a delightful and meaningful parting gift.

Incorporating custom illustrated coloring sheets into your big family events and children's parties is a creative and thoughtful way to enhance the overall experience for attendees, leaving lasting memories for both children and adults alike.

How to order the coloring sheets

The coloring sheets prices start from USD 30. The price depends on the complexity of the task.

To make an order, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Or e-mail me at [email protected] with your idea. Usually, it takes me about a week since you place the order to complete the drawing. But the time can vary, depending on the time of the year. Having received your order request, I will let you know the exact time frame.

How to pay
I take payments after the first draft approval. After the first draft is approved, I send you payment info (you can pay via Pay Pal or a card). After I receive the payment, I add the required changes and finalize the work. Please note that I don't do refunds for custom animated illustrations.

What you get in result
I provide the JPG, PNG or PDF files.

Thank you for your time! I'm looking forward to seeing your requests in my email box!